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  1. Visit local chapters
  2. Become a National Member, $48
  3. Select a chapter, attend meetings & work to meet local requirements, fill out the remaining forms, pay local dues $10 individual ($20 for family).
  4. Apply for a membership category (if applicable)

Special Membership Categories:

Cost (annual):

How do you become a STAR member?


Read below, fill out the forms (to the right).

How to join 326:

1. Get to know the Chapters:
You can start by coming to a Chapter meeting as a guest, going on a ride after the meeting or at another time we have a scheduled Chapter ride.
You will need to fill out a ride waiver (above) if you are going on a ride, you can ride with a STAR chapter 3 times before deciding to become a member or not.

In order to ride with a Chapter you must have your [current, valid] motorcycle license (endorsement), proof of insurance, signed ride waiver and emergency contact info (on the ride waiver).

2. Obtain a National Membership:
STAR Touring & Riding Association's National web site - http://www.startouring.org/ - is the first place you want to go to research local chapters (there are many) or to join STAR. Once a National STAR member you can ride with any chapter as a guest 3 times before joining that Chapter (provided you have signed a ride waiver for each chapter).

Once you join STAR National, pay a $48 annual dues fee for you and any family members - don't forget that your Spouse and up to 4 Kids can join under the same fee - you can select or join the chapter of your choice. To start the process click on this link which will take you to the National membership "join" page: Join STAR Touring

3. Select a Chapter, attend meetings/events, fill out the Chapter forms:
Once you select a STAR Touring chapter and fill out the Chapter application and Member information form you can start to attend meetings as a provisional member. Every Chapter has a minimum event requirement (ours is 5 meetings and/or rides in a calendar year period) and a membership approval process (we vote in new members as a Chapter).

Once you are approved as a STAR Chapter member you are a full Chapter member with the ability to participate in voting and other Chapter operations and pay local dues - $10 per individual, $20 per family. If your Chapter membership requirements are not met you maintain a non-voting associate member status.

4. Apply for a membership category (if applicable):
STAR Touring has 2 specialized membership categories that may be selected if you meet the qualifications for membership in that category. They are STAR Vets and Tin STARs.

Once a member of STAR Touring you may apply for one or more of these specialized membership categories.

What is the "Three Ride Rule":
In a nutshell the "Three Ride Rule" is this:
After 3 rides with any STAR Chapter you are required by the National Charter to join STAR National - by doing so you are then eligible to apply for membership to a STAR Chapter local to you.

Email us or see the National FAQ page HERE

Special Membership Categories:

There are several specialized categories of membership to consider:


The Star Vets provides recognition to those that served in the US military.

Its a way of saying "We Will Never Forget".  This segment of STAR Touring proudly displays their service insignia, and places all veterans in special honor, no matter what motorcycle they ride.  As a part of our five inch patch system, we now offer sub-patches for the MOS, Rank, Unit, and Theater of Operation.

If you are a current STAR Touring member who served in the armed services, or are currently serving, please fill out a STAR VETS application and be recognized.

Additional Canadian and International forms are available from the STAR Touring STAR VETS page


Tin Star

Tin STARThe purpose of “Tin Star” is to allow Star Touring to identify a team of volunteers in time of need. If an accident or emergency occurs, or a member is in need of assistance (bike break down, stranded etc. or any other situation where help is needed), the “Tin Star” member in the group could be called on to lend a hand and/or to take control of the situation, until the local emergency services arrive. We thank all of the members listed here who have stepped forward and volunteered to help in the time of need.

Over one hundred years ago, small towns on the American frontier learned that there was one person they could turn to for help in an emergency, the local sheriff. The frontier sheriff was a combination police officer, paramedic, emergency coordinator when anything happened that required special skills, and was known to all by his distinctive “Tin Star” badge.

Star Touring, like the citizens of the frontier towns, at times needs special assistance from people trained as a police officer, physician, nurse, fire fighter, paramedic, EMT or Search and Rescue.

To help identify which of our members have this special training, and have volunteered to be of assistance, we have developed a special pin, the “Tin Star.” The Tin Star readily identifies which of our members have volunteered to help when needed, and are qualified as one of the following: Physician, Nurse, Police Officer, Fire Fighter, Paramedic, Emergency Medical Technician, Search & Rescue or other special emergency training.

If members are in need of urgent help, and they see one of our own “Tin Stars” they will know who to ask.

Ladies of STAR

Ladies of STARThe Ladies of the Star provides an opportunity for recognition for all the ladies who ride. Visit the image archive or add your own. Please only add one image per family.

STAR Kids/STAR Teens

The Star riding association is a family oriented group. To that end, there is a category for the kids to join as well. STAR Kids is for 1-12 year olds while STAR Teens is for 13-18 year olds.

As with the LOS, there is an image archive maintained at the StarTouring.org site that is available to use. Please restrict the images to one per family.STAR Kids and Teens