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  1. Visit local chapters
  2. Become a National Member, $48
  3. Select a chapter, attend meetings & work to meet local requirements, fill out the remaining forms, pay local dues $10 individual ($20 for family).
  4. Apply for a membership category (if applicable)

Special Membership Categories:

Cost (annual):

How do you become a STAR member?


Read below, fill out the forms (to the right).

How to join 326:

1. Get to know the Chapters:
You can start by coming to a Chapter meeting (open to the public), going on a ride after the meeting or at another time we have a scheduled Chapter ride.
You will need to fill out a ride waiver (above) if you are going on a ride, you can ride with a STAR chapter 3 times before deciding to become a member or not.

In order to ride with a Chapter you must have your [current, valid] motorcycle license (endorsement), proof of insurance, signed ride waiver and emergency contact info (on the ride waiver).

2. Obtain a National Membership:
STAR Touring & Riding Association's National web site - http://www.startouring.org/ - is the first place you want to go to research local chapters (there are many) or to join STAR. Once a National STAR member you can ride with any chapter as a guest 3 times before joining that Chapter (provided you have signed a ride waiver for each chapter).

Once you join STAR National, pay a $48 annual dues fee for you and any family members - don't forget that your Spouse and up to 4 Kids can join under the same fee - you can select or join the chapter of your choice. To start the process click on this link which will take you to the National membership "join" page: Join STAR Touring

3. Select a Chapter, attend meetings/events, fill out the Chapter forms:
Once you select a STAR Touring chapter and fill out the Chapter application and Member information form you can start to attend meetings as a provisional member.

Once you are approved as a STAR Chapter member you are a full Chapter member with the ability to participate in voting and other Chapter operations and pay local dues - $10 per individual, $20 per family. If your Chapter membership requirements are not met you maintain a non-voting associate member status.

4. Apply for a membership category (if applicable):
STAR Touring has 2 specialized membership categories that may be selected if you meet the qualifications for membership in that category. They are STAR Vets and Tin STARs.

Once a member of STAR Touring you may apply for one or more of these specialized membership categories.

What is the "Three Ride Rule":
In a nutshell the "Three Ride Rule" is this:
After 3 rides with any STAR Chapter you are required by the National Charter to join STAR National - by doing so you are then eligible to apply for membership to a STAR Chapter local to you.

Member Advantages

Member Benefits

Email us or see the National FAQ page HERE

Special Membership Categories:

There are several specialized categories of membership to consider: